Need an affordable, no-hassle website?
No interest in the technical stuff?

Let us do it all for you for £9.99/week.
  • No upfront charges.
  • No ongoing admin charges.
  • No tie-in after the first 6 months.

No hassle.

We have developed a package especially tailored for the small business with a simple pay-weekly tariff and no other charges.
So, you can get on with what you do best and we do the same.

Included in our pay-weekly package is all of the creative/technical side of setting up and ongoing management of your website and email. This includes...
  • Selection and registration of your domain name
  • Creation of website content from your own materials
  • Hosting of the domain and website on our webservers
  • Setting up any email addresses required now and in the future
  • Ongoing management of your site (updating prices, pictures etc.)
  • Dealing with all technical issues that arise in connection with the hosting/site
  • Annual domain registration renewal charges

This package costs just £9.99/week and no other charges ... ever !

We are based in the centre of Wareham and have close links with businesses locally and further afield. Please make contact with us - we'd be delighted to discuss how we can help you do what you do best.

Well Wired Web would also be happy to discuss any other website or hosting requirements including transfering, hosting and refreshing existing sites.

Tel +44(0)7966 36 50 40

Well Wired Web